road bike

Looking for a new, fun way to get in shape? Then cycling may be just what the doctor ordered. It is now easier than ever before to not only take up cycling, but to build your own custom bike as well. So how do you build your own road bike? Keep reading to learn about what to look for in an online custom bike company.




The first thing to look for in a custom bike company is variety. Choose a company like Charleston retailer Bilda Bike, which has everything you need to build your dream bike: from a custom road bike to get you flying over paved surfaces, to a custom beach cruiser that can take you anywhere from dirt lanes to the boardwalk.


And don’t forget about the accessories, because they might be the best part of building your own custom road bike. Bilda Bike has all the accessories you could ever want, from handlebars to tires, and everything in between. Want to use your bike to run to the local farmer’s market? Then trick it out with a funky basket. Looking for lights? They’ve got those covered, too (in the front, and in the rear).




Busy imagining your perfectly tricked-out bike, but worried about the cost? Well before you put on the brakes, then consider that Bilda Bike is a super affordable online custom bike retailer. How do they do it? They build relationships with top-notch suppliers and streamline the build process to cut costs. This means more savings for you. It also means you can have no fear—your custom road bike can still have all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank.




As mentioned above, your favorite online custom bike company Bilda Bike has everything you will ever need to build your own bike. Looking for a bike to take along on those weekend excursions to the beach? Then build a custom beach cruiser for all your casual riding adventures. Want to ride your bike downtown to run errands, or even commute to work? Then choose a custom road bike to take you over any paved surface with ease. From the casual weekend biker to the everyday cycler, a custom bike can give you the versatility you need, coupled with the design options you crave.


Now that you know all about custom bikes, be sure to visit Bilda Bike today to learn all about the best customizable bikes, parts, and accessories you need to get you pedaling in style while reaping the health benefits of cycling.