custom beach cruiser

Beach cruisers were, at the apex of their popularity, the number one type of bike for almost 30 years in the United States. Why? Because they are so easy and enjoyable to ride. Think of how fun it is to ride a cruiser bike along the boardwalk during a hot, lazy summer day— the ocean breeze, the sights, the smells, the pure joy of riding a bike! So why can’t that vacation pleasure translate into everyday life? It can with your own custom beach cruiser. Below are some great reasons why now is the time to invest in building your own custom bike.

Reflect Your Personality

Building your own custom bike is now easier than ever before. It can also be as fun as riding the bike itself. With custom-built bicycle parts and accessories, you can essentially design your own beach cruiser. Custom beach cruisers are not only easy to ride but can also be equipped with custom-built bicycle parts that fit both your personality and style.

Function and Durability

Are you a fair-weather biker? An experienced biker? A weekend biker with a desire to translate that love of riding into your everyday life? Whatever your biking skill set, a custom beach cruiser is sure to fit your needs. As mentioned above, they are customizable—allowing you to incorporate both fun and function into your own custom cruiser bike. They are easy to ride, so even if you are a little rusty, you could get back in the saddle in no time at all. Use your custom beach cruiser to stylishly ride around campus or run errands. These custom cruiser bikes are not only fun, but also sturdy, reliable, and (the best part) customized by you.


So far we’ve talked about all the fun stuff. But now is the time to consider the practical stuff. Is it really practical to design and purchase your very own custom bike? The resounding answer is yes. Designing your own custom beach cruiser is more affordable than you think. The first step is to visit our online custom bike builder at Bilda Bike that offers plenty of options and styles to fit your budget.

By this point, you are probably ready to begin looking for the bike that offers the best options for you. And why wouldn’t you be? Think of the fun you could have owning your own custom beach cruiser. Get out there and find your next adventure on two wheels!