For many, custom bicycles are their sole mode of transportation, as they are much less expensive than owning a car. Many people commute daily with their bike, while others enjoy going for relaxing rides or use them as a form of exercise. No matter what you use your bike for, it is important that it fits your style and is catered to your tastes and preferences.

A custom bike shop has some of the most experienced bike mechanics in the industry. Consulting with these professionals allows you to acquire the knowledge needed to make informed decisions on what type of bike and features is the right fit for your lifestyle. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise, therefore it is important to purchase one that suits you. It is estimated that riding a bike can lower early death by 30%, and heart disease by 40%.

The Uniqueness Of A Customized Bike

Customized bikes are extremely unique, as they are crafted just for you. You can choose anything from the kind of frame, seat, color, and handlebars. You can choose from a custom road bike, custom single speed bike, or a custom beach cruiser bike, the choice is yours! By crafting your own bike from scratch you will be sure to stand out from the rest of the pack, with your comfort and well-being in mind.

Where Do You Purchase Custom Bicycles?

Custom bicycles can be purchased from any custom bike company, which will consult you as to which kind of custom bike fits your needs. You can choose almost any option when building your custom bike, including a lightweight aluminum frame, any color of the rainbow, and the seat the gives you the most comfort and support.

Purchasing from a custom bike shop is far superior than purchasing just any old bike from a manufacturer. Although many manufacturers build a variety of different, quality bikes, they cannot compare to a totally customized build.

Critical To Your Safety

At a custom bike shop, there are many skilled individuals who have made working on bikes almost second nature. This is critical to your safety as a well built and constructed bike is essential to your safety and security on the road. Purchasing from either a manufacturer or from a large retail store, there is no guarantee the bike was put together by a skilled professional, and you may experience issues later on as a result.

Custom Shops Perform Exceptional Framework

One of the most important aspects of a bike is the frame. The frame should be lightweight and durable for both ride quality and for the safety of the rider. It is important to carefully consider this aspect when deciding whether to purchase a custom bike. Although they may seen similar, custom bike shops are far superior at constructing frames than the mainstream manufacturers.

Creating a custom bike is an art form, and should not be taken for granted. The individuals that work in custom bike shops are some of the most advanced and dedicated bicycle craftsmen in the industry. These individuals take great pride in their work and work endlessly to satisfy the customer. Furthermore, especially in these tough economic times, it is important to patronize small businesses, as they are the ones being the most affected. Additionally, by visiting a custom bike shop like Bilda Bike, you know you are getting the best service around and a bike customized just for you.