Other Bike Brands

Our retail stores in Charleston, SC are retail partners for the following brands. While we don’t always keep these bikes in store, we can special order them for you! Some brands we partner with only for assembly. You order a bike from the brands website and ship it to us for final assembly!


Sun Bicycles

Sun is a lifestyle bike brand based out of Miami, Florida! They offer a wide selection of bikes including; cruisers, hybrids, tandems and tricycles! Sun Bikes can be purchased through our shop. We currently offer these bikes via special order only. Check out Sun’s catalog here. If you see something you like, let us know. We can order the bike and generally have it in within a week.


Linus bikes are a premium brand, based on classic 60’s and 70’s style bicycles. Based out of Venice, California, Linus has been creating bikes since 2007! These bikes look right at home in Charleston and have great features like rust resistant parts to help hold up in our climate. Check out Linus’s website to shop their full catalog, here.

If you’re interested in a Linus bike, we can do one of two things! You can come into our shop and we can special order you a bike from their catalog. You can also purchase the bike directly from Linus’s website and select our shop for assembly! With this option the bike ships directly to us, we then assemble, tune it, and call you for pickup when the bike is ready. Linus highly recommends you have your bike assembled by a professional shop. This ensures that the bike is properly tuned and assembled and can help should you have any warranty claims in the future.