custom cruiser bikes

It’s no secret that beach cruisers are a popular bike choice for recreational cyclists. In fact, beach cruiser bikes, first trademarked as California Beach Cruisers in 1976, were the number one most popular bike in the U.S. for nearly 30 years.

Custom cruiser bikes offer cyclists a smooth and easy ride and when they’re well-maintained and taken care of they can last for years. But how exactly do you take care of your beach cruiser to keep in great shape? Here are a few tips you can use for taking care of your bike.

  • Keep your cruiser clean: Just like a car, your custom cruiser bike needs to be cleaned regularly to help keep any dirt, debris, and water from interacting with the metal on your bike and the oxygen in the air to create rust. Experts recommend cleaning your bike about once every month or once every 25 rides.
  • Oil up your bike chain: Your bike chain should also be cleaned about once every month along with the rest of your bike. You never want to oil your bike chain without washing it first. Lubricating a bike chain that’s covered in mud and other grime will only increase the chain’s risk of rusting. Once the chain is clean of any dirt and debris, wipe it down with a cloth and then apply a bike-specific lubricant to keep the chain in great shape. A well-lubricated chain allows your bike to move smoothly and without friction.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated: Your beach cruiser only rides as smoothly as the tires will let you. If your cruiser’s tires are underinflated, they can make your ride rough and bumpy. Poorly inflated tires are also at a greater risk of being punctured by rocks, sticks, and other debris on the road or sidewalk.

Do you need bicycle parts to keep your beach cruiser in great shape? Looking for a custom bike company for an entirely new custom beach cruiser? Whether you’re looking for a whole new bike or parts to fix your custom cruiser, Bilda Bike has what you need. For more information about our custom cruiser bikes and parts, contact us today.