Shop Sun Trikes

Sun Trikes are available for special order through any of our Charleston stores! Please note, these trikes are not stocked in stores and are available for special purchase only. We can not ship these bikes, they are for in store pickup only!

Why pick a Sun Trike? Sun trikes come in a multitude of configurations, offering a wide variety of different styles for your specific needs. They’ve been around for a long time and are one of the most respected makes of trikes in the world! Most people will find the “traditional” trikes will fit their needs. If you’re an adult over 5’0 tall, we recommend the 24” wheel size.

If you’re interested in ordering a Trike, please give us a call at the store or message us through our contact page. Please provide us with your model and color section and we will check current availability. There is a 50% deposit required to order the bike, +$50 for shipping. If you have any questions about ordering one of these bikes, please reach out and let us know.