Thank you for your interest in our collection of vintage bicycles! Our staff has been undertaking a challenging and rewarding journey to collect and prepare this selection for you. Owning, maintaining, and riding a used or vintage bicycle is an experience like no other, and it is the desire to share this unique experience with you that led us to drive thousands of miles and invest hundreds of labor hours to procure and prepare these beautiful options for you to enjoy for many years to come. Vintage bicycle ownership not only comes with the set of risks and responsibilities associated with new bicycle ownership, but separate and very important sets of considerations, risks, and concerns applicable to used bicycles, bicycles with age, and even the specific make and model you choose as well.

Before you purchase a used bicycle, you must consider and agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

  1. Cosmetic and functional damage: These vintage bicycles have endured a long life of service before we found them. This means that cosmetic damage is to be expected on each and every frame and component. We have done our best to honestly and objectively document scratches, rust spots, and cosmetic irregularities in each listing, however, it is impossible to document everything in photographs. Because of this, the consumer must accept that each bicycle may have a reasonable amount of cosmetic flaws. While these spots add to the character of the bicycle, we have done our best to ensure that they do not take away from the structural integrity of the bicycle frame or its components. Bilda Bike and its affiliates are not responsible for undisclosed defects or cosmetic damage on any used bicycles or components.
  2. Frame and component fatigue: All consumer products, especially those with many moving parts, have a useful half-life. The steel bicycles of the past were made to last an incredibly long time and provide their users with thousands of trouble-free miles. We predict that these bicycles will last many more miles and, in most cases, several generations into the future when provided with reasonable conditions, care, and maintenance. However, it is impossible to accurately gauge the degree of wear and material fatigue on a used bicycle and its components. The end-user must accept these realities and take the responsibility of ensuring that their bicycle is safely rideable. The end-user must also solely assume the risk of riding a bicycle of unknown origin and wear. Bilda Bike and its affiliates cannot be held responsible for any bicycle or component failures due to age, neglect, or use.
  3. Appropriate bicycle selection: Riding a vintage bicycle is a unique and rewarding experience, and each bicycle has its own set of unique challenges. A person shopping for a vintage bicycle is responsible for doing their research to decide whether the bicycle is a good fit for them. Is the frame made of a reputable grade of steel? Are certain components prone to maintenance issues? Is the tire size still in production? Is the sizing appropriate? These are all important considerations that the user must consider before purchasing. Due to the vast diversity and variance of these bicycles, we are unable to provide after-sale technical support on these items. All bicycles will be sold in safe and rideable condition to the best of our knowledge and abilities, but the consumer must accept that all vintage bicycles come with their own specific set of maintenance concerns.
  4. Safety, risk, and liability: When considering a vintage bicycle, safety is a paramount concern for all parties involved. By their nature, these bicycles, while all well-built and reasonably reliable, are more likely to experience technical failures than new bicycles, and due to this, the customer must accept that these bicycles present a higher risk of injury or death due to frame, fork or component failure than a new bicycle. Bilda Bike and its affiliates are not responsible for loss or damage to property or life as a result of riding any used bicycle.

By Continuing You Acknowledge That You Have Read The Above Terms & Conditions For Used or Vintage Bikes

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