online custom bike company

Biking can be anything from a career to a casual weekend hobby. Around 47.88 million people aged six or older participated in some type of bicycling in 2018. There also may types of bikes, depending on what, where, and how you want to use them. So how do you know what is the right bike for you? Well, if you are looking for the most fun, easy-to-ride, customizable bike available, then you should consider building your own custom bike with Bilda Bike. Below are some great reasons to build a custom bike with Bilda Bike today.


The Bike You’ve Always Wanted


Building your own custom bike is the best way to guarantee that your bike is the perfect fit for your skill level, style, and personality. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted wheel lights? Done! Think back to that high school beach trip and those sick bikes on the boardwalk…you got it! With a custom bike, the sky is the limit because you can choose from different styles that will make your biking dreams come true.


A Variety of Accessories


Bilda Bike not only offers different customization options for your bike but also provides an array of bike accessories, too. That’s right, we said bicycle accessories—that’s everything from your water bottle cages and bells, to kickstand and kid seats. And that’s just the beginning. Need some extra space to hold your stuff while you’re riding? Bilda Bike also offers convenient storage options for your custom bike including baskets and rear racks. Be sure to choose Bilda Bike, an online custom bike company that offers a large selection of bicycle accessories you will need, to get your bike to the next level.


Let’s Head to…Anywhere


Another advantage of choosing to work with an online custom bike company like Bilda Bike is that you are able to build your bike for wherever you want to take it. Whether you are riding on your neighborhood streets, cruising down the boardwalk, training for a race, or headed to rougher terrain, Bilda Bike is the online bike retailer you can count on to create a bike that’s both fun and functional.


The next time you are thinking about getting back on two wheels or want to upgrade your current ride to something a little more you, check out Bilda Bike. Contact us today to learn more about our different bike styles, bike accessories, and more.