build custom bike

Making the transition from a car to a bike for your daily commute to work might seem impossible at first. But with the right bike company, you can build a custom bike that can make your commute more comfortable and economical. Read on for a few reasons to swap out your car and build a custom bike for your daily commute.

You Can Customize Your Bike So It’s Perfect for You

A custom bike company, like Bilda Bike, can help you build a custom bike that will meet your commuting needs. 

In many cases, a bike right “off the shelf” might not be right for you. Instead, you may want to build custom bike parts to meet your exact measurements and add to the comfort of the bike. Doing so will help you find a bike that works for you and you alone. Additional custom bike settings might include:

  • Modified seats for comfort. Whether you plan on taking long-term trips or not, your custom bike needs to be comfortable enough for your backside.
  • Adjustments to the pedals and bike body as a whole. People who are of different heights might need to build custom bikes for their particular shapes, size, and height
  • Additional accessories. These include storage racks, bags, bells, whistles, baskets, and bottle cages.

The idea of creating a custom bike is to make it work for you, your body, and your lifestyle. The word “custom” really does mean one of a kind and with a custom bike company, like Bilda Bike, you can build a custom bike that will meet your commuting needs!

You Get to Enjoy Being Outside

Using your bike to get from one place to another is an excellent way to return to the great outdoors. Celebrate your newly-regained freedom by enjoying a brisk ride to and from work, your daily coffee runs, or just for the pleasure of being outside again.

You Are Saving Money

Your daily commute can become quite costly when you add up all the trips to the gas station. Imagine cutting those expenses by at least one quarter, if not by half! When you use your bike as your primary mode of transportation, you are saving money on gas as well as maintenance costs as you will need fewer oil changes and will spare your car of daily wear and tear.

You Get Your Blood Pumping

One of the best reasons to build a custom bike is to simply enjoy all the health benefits. Regardless of how you had it built, biking perks are all the same for your health. Your leg muscles strengthen and you are able to sustain longer, more difficult rides. In addition, biking is great for your cardiovascular health and you’ll feel that blood pumping with each ride!

Using your bike for your daily commute is beneficial in many ways. Whether you’re looking to get back to nature, get into shape, or to save money, a custom bike might be just what you were looking for. If you’re ready to learn more about how to build a custom bike, Bilda Bike is here to help get you moving!