BildaBike has partnered with the following E-Bike companies to provide assembly services.

Please note, we do not stock all of the brands listed above (Flyer M880 currently available for test rides, please call ahead to confirm). We have chosen to work with these brands because they offer the best value and after sales support to YOU, the end customer.

Almost all direct to consumer bicycle brands require that you have your bike assembled by a reputable bicycle shop in order to qualify for a warranty. This is to ensure that the bike is assembled and tuned properly and is in safe operating order. If you purchase a bike from a brand below, select us as the assembly partner. The bike will be shipped directly to us for assembly. We’ll give you a call when the bike is ready for pickup.

Why An E-Bike?

If you’re tired of sitting in traffic or searching for parking in downtown Charleston. An e-bike could be the solution you’ve been looking for! Our shop has partnered with a variety of electric bicycle companies to offer assembly and after purchase service support.

With a top speeds of up to 20mph and a range of up to 50 miles, you can easily navigate the city’s streets and even head to the beaches without breaking a sweat. Most of the bikes come equipped with features like pedal assist and throttle control, so you can choose how much effort you want to put in.

The brands we work with offer a wide range of e-bike models, from sleek urban cruisers to rugged mountain bikes.

Visit our shop in Charleston to test ride an E-Bike. We currently have a Flyer M880 available for test rides.