King – Builder’s Choice

What is Builder’s Choice?

These are designs concocted by the team here at BildaBike! Sometimes sifting through all of the custom options can be daunting. So we figured you can choose from some of our designs! Don’t need the added flair? You can get a King Cruiser starting at just $300, just click here –> King Cruiser

The King is a premium cruiser bike that is ideal for beach, neighborhood, or city riding. The King delivers a comfortable, upright riding position, with an aluminum frame, and corrosion resistant components, perfect for sandy and coastal areas. This unique frame design puts the riders legs in front of their hips which is more like your natural seated position. The front end of the bicycle is quite long which brings the handlebars up. The combination of these 2 design features creates a very comfortable riding bike!

The bike frame comes in black. Fully customize this bike in store or add parts to your cart to be installed/shipped with your order. For a list of compatible options, see the list below.

Fits riders 5’4-6’2



The King is built to withstand the harsh saltwater environment, thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties, which help it resist rust and degradation over time. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone living in or visiting a coastal community, as it will withstand the elements and provide a reliable ride for years to come.

In addition to its durability, The King is designed with comfort in mind. Its wide, cushioned saddle and swept-back handlebars provide a relaxed, upright riding position, making it easy to ride for extended periods. The bike can be outfitted with a low-maintenance Shimano 3-speed Nexus drivetrain, which allows riders to easily navigate headwinds and keeps the gears protected from the elements by incorporating them into the rear hub..

The King can be upgraded with a variety of components such as fenders, chain guards, saddles, and cargo options. Get the components that meet your needs and the colors that match your style.

  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Rust Resistant Parts
  • 26”x2.3” Tires (Perfect For Sand)
  • Coaster Brake (Pedal Brake)
  • Wide Comfortable Seat
  • Foot Forward Design
  • Fits Riders 5’3-6’2
  • Compatible With Rear Racks and Other Storage Options
  • Compatible With Fenders