We’re here to help!

The Bilda Bike Factory Outlet is open for repairs and service on all types of bicycles, not just Bilda Bikes. As one of Charleston’s most respected shops, we have a full staff of trained mechanics to handle your maintenance needs.

Our service department is open Monday-Friday, from 10am-6pm. Our store is open on the weekend (11am-5pm), and you are welcome to drop your bike off so it can be worked on during the week. Services such as tube or tire replacements, chain replacements, brake pads replacements, and other simple repairs can be performed on the spot while you wait. Most simple repairs will only take 15-30 minutes. We do our best to get tune ups finished within 24-48hrs of drop off.



To best serve our downtown clientel, we do not perform advanced work on triathlon bikes, full suspension mountain bikes, or high end road bikes. There are other local shops in the area that cater to these specific riders. Due to insurance, we are unable to work on electric bicycles…only acoustic bikes…

Due to new ownership, we cannot honor “life time tune ups” once offered by Affordabike or it’s affiliates.

Quotes given over the phone, may not accurately reflect work needed once your bike is dropped off. Please provide us with a few minutes at drop off to inspect your bike so we can let you know of any items that may need to be addressed.


Quick Service

(The following services are $20 + Cost of parts. They can be performed while you wait)

  • Tube Replacement
  • Tire Replacement
  • Chain Replacement
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Shifting Adjustment
  • Handlebar Wrap

Tune Ups

(Tune Ups are performed during the week. Generally expect a 24-48hr turn around)

  • Single Speed Tune Up – $55 + Cost of any parts
  • Multi Speed Tune Up – $70 + Cost of any parts
  • Multi Speed Tune Up With Mechanical Disc Brakes – $80 + Cost of any parts

A La Carte

  • Grip Replacement – $6 + Parts
  • Saddle Replacement – $6 + Parts
  • Basket or Rack Installation – $20 + Parts
  • Fender Installation – $30
  • Boxed Bike Assembly – $60 – $80
  • Wheel True – $25
  • Spoke Replacement – $35 + Parts
  • Cable Package – $75 (Replace 4 cables, includes parts)

Don’t see pricing for the job you need done? Give us a call or stop by for an estimate.