If you are a biker, whether it be mountain biking, competitive, or just enjoy going for a relaxing ride, custom bicycles can add a copious amount of character to your ride. A custom bike allows you to stand out from other riders, as you will have a totally unique, custom bike tailored to you.

Get Creative With Your Build

Ordering with a local custom bike company allows you to completely customize your bike to fit even the wildest personalities. By ordering custom bicycles, it is possible for you to choose from a variety of different colors on practically any part of the bike, such as the frame or chain. This is great for those that choose to stand out from the crowd with their custom bike, as it allows you to have a one of a kind ride!


Believe it or not, a custom bike costs around the same or even less as those ordered from a large manufacturer. Furthermore, for a similar price you get to choose your bike’s specifications that are tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Cycling Is As Popular As Ever

Cycling has always been one of the most popular activities, whether competitively or just going out for a joy ride. It is estimated that a grand total of 47.88 million people cycle regularly. With these large numbers of serious cyclers, it is important to have a quality, custom bike tailored to their needs.

Cheaper For Commuting

Many people order a custom road bike for their daily commute to work. Therefore, it should be tailored to them and customized to their preferences, as it needs to be comfortable for everyday riding. Building a custom bike is far cheaper than purchasing a car, as you would have to deal with payments, insurance, and other expenses. Therefore, a custom built bike is far more economical, and allows you to get some exercise on your way to work!

Cycling Is A Low Impact Exercise

A custom built bicycle is a great exercise for those who want a low impact workout. Cycling is far superior to simply going for a run, as it allows you to work various different muscles without hurting your joints on the hard pavement. A custom built bike is important for exercise as it must be tailored to you and be comfortable.

Ordering a bike from a local custom bike company is a great way to stand out from the rest of the crowd, as you will surely receive compliments! You can experience the maximum amount of comfort and style you would never get from a mainstream manufacturer.